You Can Dress Like Cher Horowitz Thanks To These 5 Apps

If you’re like me, you’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about Cher Horowitz’s outfit generator from “Clueless” (1995); did she code the program herself? Did she have her father hire an IT guy? How did she get this feature on her ancient computer when I can’t get it on my MacBook Air? Luckily, others have wondered the same thing, and they came up with apps that allow us to finally live like the rich socialites in Beverly Hills that we are (in our minds).


This app is the closest we’ve come to Cher’s outfit generator; you stand in front of your iPhone or computer camera and your clothes are superimposed on you through augmented reality.


This program saves images of your purchases within minutes of buying them and organizes them. It also has extra perks like reminders to return unwanted purchases and sale alerts. It’s also totally free.


So, Villoid isn’t exactly an outfit generator, but it’s included because it’s helpful in another way; it helps you find clothing items and accessories in photos on Instagram so you can buy them. No, it can’t make you Angelina Jolie. Sorry. Get the app here.

4.Closet Space

So this one is less cool because you can’t see yourself in the outfits you create, but it does allow you to catalog all your clothes and piece them together. It also makes outfit suggestions, so if you’re an I-keep-my-clothes-in-a-pile-on-the-ground-type person, this organizational app is for you. Also, it’s free.


Just like Closet Space, this app does not create looks on your body for maximum visualization; instead, it places your clothes together how they would be worn, so it’s only slightly better. It does, however, allow you to create looks in advance and place them in a neat calendar. Available on all iOS devices for $3.99.

source: Instagram