A zoom screenshot of Ari Adams.ARI ADAMS is a photographer and writer from Vermont who is based in New York City.  During the pandemic he wrote, watched TV, cuddled with his cat, Mochi, and developed a stronger addiction to nicotine.

A zoom screenshot of Lamia.

LAMIA BALADI is a Brooklyn-based writer and photographer originally from Beirut, Lebanon. During the pandemic, she escaped to the woods with friends in a failed attempt to reconnect with nature and herself. She instead indulged in the pleasures of living like a housewife: cooking, drinking, attempting to meditate, doing crosswords, and taking long walks.  

A zoom screenshot of Lamia.

SAVANNAH DANIELS is a writer originally from California. During the pandemic, she pondered the meaning of life from her apartment in Little Haiti. Then, to fulfill her almost constant need for change of scenery, she packed up and moved back home to California (she’ll be moving again soon). 

A zoom screenshot of Leah Foreman.

LEAH FOREMAN is a writer originally from the Washington D.C area. During the pandemic, she packed up everything she knew and moved into a tiny, overpriced apartment–1,000 miles away from family and her beloved cat in Florida–to live in the East Village.

a zoom screenshot of Megan.

MEGAN HULLANDER is a Brooklyn-based writer from Santa Barbara, California. During the pandemic, she moved across the country to acquire more debt and pay more in rent in a city where she had no friends for a better shot at some freelance work.



Zoom Screenshot of Bea.

BEATRIZ COLÓN is a New York City-based writer originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. During the pandemic, she learned how to make dumplings from scratch, switched career paths, and turned into her dog Melo’s personal paparazzi.

A zoom screenshot of Danny Karel.

DANIEL KAREL is a writer from Los Angeles. During the pandemic he moved from San Francisco to New York, where he spends his time writing, reading, exploring the city, and skateboarding when he can.

A zoom screenshot of Michael.

MICHAEL LOVITO is a Brooklyn-based writer originally from Chatham, New Jersey. During the pandemic, he finally got around to watching all of “The West Wing.”

A zoom screenshot of Greg Marku.

GREG MARKU is a Connecticut-based writer who will hopefully leave Connecticut soon. During the pandemic he only completed one entire video game while getting balder, eating whatever he wants, and spoiled his cat, Jill.

A zoom screenshot of Khadija.

KHADIJA MUZAFFAR is a writer originally from Lahore, Pakistan, who is currently based in New York City. During the pandemic, she spent obscene amounts of time playing old Gameboy games using online emulators and only impulsively cut bangs a total of three times.

A zoom screenshot of Cate Reynolds.

CATE REYNOLDS is a New York City-based writer from Baltimore, Maryland. During the pandemic, she took too many pictures of her dog, drank a lot of wine, got bangs, and had a record number of existential crises.

A zoom screenshot of Courtney Shaprio.

COURTNEY SHAPIRO is a Manhattan-based writer originally from New Jersey. During the pandemic, she read over 100 books, graduated from Hofstra University on Youtube, and relocated to the city only to be stuck in a room by herself.