Professor Alexis Gelber: Adjunct Professor at NYU and Editor in Chief of Straus News Manhattan.
Quarantine activities: Zoom yoga, photographing empty
Upper West Side streets for our newspapers, and
hanging out with my cats.Luana Harumi: A journalist and master’s candidate in the Magazine Writing
and Digital Storytelling program who is passionate about
travel, culture, and lifestyle reporting.
Quarantine activities: Obsessing over reality TV shows,
crying, and awkwardly dancing to Brazilian funk music.Ian Patterson:
A graduate student in the Studio 20: Digital Journalism program
who is working on creating better, more empathetic platforms for
journalists to connect with readers, and vice-versa, in addition to covering
culture, politics, and food.
Quarantine activities: Spending any money he might
be saving on obscure ingredients to cook with, watching
The Wire, and the entirety of Sandra Bullock’s filmography.

Justin McGown
A graduate student in the Magazine Writing and Digital Storytelling Program
interested in stories about America’s changing political
culture, technology, and urban living.
Quarantine activities: Drinking too much coffee,
sleeping in, and playing a frankly
embarrassing amount of video games.

Shantila Lee
A journalist and graduate student at NYU in the Magazine and Digital
Storytelling program. She is a total beauty-phile and
loves writing about fashion and beauty.
Quarantine activities: Binge-watching old episodes
of X-Files (yes, she’s that old), ogling over David Duchovny,
trying to do a Tom Cruise in Risky Business move sliding across her
apartment floor, and playing Call of Duty until her eyes pop.

Mili Godio
A journalist and graduate student in the Magazine and
Digital Storytelling program at NYU. She covers women’s issues
and pop culture, specifically celebrity and fashion news.
Quarantine activities: Baking desserts and
binge-watching telenovelas.

Yolanda Zhang
A graduate student at NYU’s Russian and Slavic Studies and Global and
Joint journalism program. They are a multilingual journalist covering
labor, minority, political theory, and China’s Belt and Road Initiative
in Central Asian states.
Quarantine activities: TikTok, duh.

Laura Sanchez
A graduate student and journalist at NYU’s Magazine program who writes
about queer and POC representation in fashion and music.
Quarantine activities: Listening to records, watching a
lot of films, and logging into virtual parties.

Ahad Sanwari
Ahad Sanwari is a graduate student and (hopeful) journalist in
NYU’s Magazine and Digital Storytelling program who
writes about art and pop culture.
Quarantine activities: Paranoia, synth music,
and taking a lot of online classes at Hogwarts.

Marina Guimaraes
A Brazilian political scientist and a master’s candidate in
Journalism and International Relations at NYU.
She’s passionate about Brazilian politics and the Middle East.
Quarantine activities: Cooking, obsessing over the news, and
thinking about when she will have a life outside again.

Serena Tara
A journalist and graduate student at NYU studying
Magazine Writing and Digital Storytelling. She’s a proper music head and
loves writing about hip-hop and underground cultures.
Quarantine activities: Flooding group chats with “just dropped
sick tracks” and screaming “WHAT?” everytime her boyfriend doesn’t
talk loudly enough to overcome the speakers’ volume.

Sami Roberts
A journalist and graduate student at NYU in the Magazine and
Digital Storytelling program. She writes about women’s issues,
the environment, and New York culture.
Quarantine activities: Trying to keep her
plants alive and selling homemade totes on Etsy.